La striscia è uscita oggi su LUnità.

Written by Mauro Biani

Luglio 21st, 2009 at 2:03 pm

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  1. grande !

    utente anonimo

    21 Lug 09 at 17:22

  2. Questa è come se fosse la mia.. grande mauro!

    utente anonimo

    31 Lug 09 at 10:57

  3. J.D.,It’s important to know the industry and market. It’s easy to think that other people have it easier than we do or are more successful than we are, when the odds of getting published are very small for all of us. The more we write and the longer we work at it, the better the odds.Lillie Ammanns last blog post..


    24 Ott 16 at 07:27

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