Scontro Istituzionale.

Written by Mauro Biani

Maggio 28th, 2018 at 12:01 am

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  1. Siamo una nazione suddita.
    Buona per far passare le vacanze ai tedeschi.
    (Sarà contento il settore turistico).


    28 Mag 18 at 05:35

  2. […] Oggi per il manifesto. E sul cartaceo OM. Come dicevo. […]

  3. […] Oggi per il manifesto. E sul cartaceo OM. Come dicevo. […]

  4. I feel so sad, seeing this now.

    Exactly 3 years ago, we, the Greeks, were going through the same humiliation process from the German “4th Reich”. It’s unbelievable how many lies they wrote and said about us, just like they do now about you. In the end, along with the IMF and the international banksters, they managed to take our wealth and our mineral resources, turning us into working slaves. Despite our mistakes and national problems, this could have been avoided and arranged. Unfortunately, our prime minister (Tsipras) backed down. Politicians are very talented liars, they deserve an Oscar for life achievement. We lost, but I hope you make it.

    It’s so obvious that the north-European, protestant mentality is so incompatible with us in the south. And it’s a shame and unfair that the EU has become predominately a market union for the benefit of the German industrial products. It’s also a shame that they enslave people with imaginary debt, made up from imaginary money, within a banking system which is not controlled by the people. Sadly, our society’s economy is essentially organized on the basis of borrowing money from the future generations; because without it, we would probably return in the middle ages organization model. And I doubt, if this unfair system would ever allow the bitcoin technology revolution to be adopted peacefully.

    Unfortunately, if Martin Armstrong, a brilliant mind outside the establishment, is right, then within around 15 years from now the whole economic system will have probably collapsed, due to the world sovereign debt crisis and the collapse of the pension system globally, caused by the high interest rates. Which means that we are probably heading towards a WW3. History is repeated, because our passions remain the same. Not to mention that we learn so slowly. Let alone that we rarely learn the real history. And even if we do, there isn’t much we can do to avoid it, because we are not in the right position. So, you better take advantage of this opportunity.

    Massimo, not siete soltanto per far passare le vacanze i stranieri. Dovete credere nella voa forza!

    Solidarity and love from a Greek.


    30 Mag 18 at 23:30

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